Many people talk about depression as a common acceptable state of mind in which the person can just "get over it" or "cheer up". However, when someone exhibits the signs and symptoms of depression many people are surprise what is considered being “depressed”.

Young and old can and do experience depression.
Children to elderly are susceptible to depression


The following are symptoms of Depression:
• Feeling tired all the time even after a full night of rest
• Difficulty sleeping, frequent awakening during the night
• Weight loss or weight gained
• Difficulty concentrating both at home and work
• Lost of interest on things that usually bring pleasure
Crying spells, not knowing why one is crying
• Isolation the need to be alone
• Feeling hopeless, helpless, worthless
• Death wishes

Although some persons exhibit some of the signs and symptoms of depression, they may not be depressed. People sometimes experience depression-like symptoms and are soon over the symptoms and recover. Most likely than not, they were not depressed. Depression is a serious illness that needs professional help.

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