Alcohol and drug abuse is a serious disease that affects all kinds of people young and old.  We say that chemical dependency is a primary disease.  It is not cause by any other illness such mental illness, it is not caused because one is morally or physically weak, does not come about from bad habits or stress or the company one keeps. It is challenging to  know if someone is using alcohol or drugs.


Alcohol and Drug abuse or Chemical Dependency is a disease that is Chronic which means it can be treated or arrested but it cannot be cured.  It is Progressive which means that it gets worst over a period of time if it is not treated.  With time chemical addiction gets worse and worse and can cause major damage to the body, and the mind not to mention family relationships. It is Fatal If Chemical addiction is left untreated it can cause death to the individual.  Death can come as a result of physical complications as a result of the abuse or by accidental overdose, accidents or suicide. However this does not need to be the case.  If you or someone you know is having a problem with alcohol or drugs we can help.

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