MARITAL ISSUES               

Marriage has different meanings to different people. Even though some of us had our  families as role models for how to or how not to act in a marriage, nothing can prepare you for the demands and stressors of marriage. Daily life as well as life events can shake a good marriage. Sometimes, inability to understand what is normal and what is not makes some couples unhappy and angry. Expectations and failure in meeting those expectations sometimes lead couples into disagreements and fights.

Since both of you came from different families, sometimes, the unmet expectations are merely a misunderstanding. Common life events such, birth of a baby, new job, buying a car, buying a house, losing a job, staying late at wok, lack of sex drive, stress at work, stress at home, kid problems, parenting styles, school problems, etc… can interfere with the couples daily living. If the marriage began with a challenging start, when problems arise, these might be magnified only because of the way in which the marriage began but not because of the problem. CHOICE EAP is here to help you address those issues which tend to interfere with your marriage. The sooner that we can address the issue the less misunderstanding will need to be cleared. You do not have to be considering divorce to work on your marriage. Staying married is a daily commitment to your spouse and your family.


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