In everyday life, we need stress, without stress we would not be motivated to get up each morning. Stress allows your body to focus on the task at hand and utilize the systems that will help you be at your best. Now, this kind of stress is not only welcomed but desired in life so we can succeed. However, there comes a time when the level of stress is maintained so high for so long a time without relief, that then, this stress becomes damaging to your body, mind, and soul. CHOICE EAP is here to help you minimize the level of stress brought on by work, family, personal and professional issues which may become overwhelming.
Stress affects all ages and sexes.

Sometimes, life events can bring other type of stress which can be overwhelming immediately and require assistance. Other life events are manageable and with time the stressors usually decrease, however, sometimes, this does not occur. We can help identify the reasons for the continued stress and assist in stress reducing techniques as well as interventions to improve your well being. Family members as well as you, suffer from stress on a daily basis, usually, your body is capable and able to handle the amount of stress to continue functioning. In the event, the stress in your family or yourself becomes overwhelming or difficult, CHOICE EAP can help you.


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