Workplace Problems
Many people will occasionally encounter situations at work that can be difficult or frustrating to resolve. Some of these situations might include:

• Problems with your supervisor
• Problems with a co-worker
• Feeling that you are being harassed or discriminated against
• Learning that you have a disabling condition
• Feeling like you are not being treated fairly
• Coping with illness in the family
• Wanting to learn how to improve your workplace interactions

Often we try to resolve the problem on our own. When we have success, we feel good about being able to manage our own problems effectively. Sometimes, however, even with our best efforts, we are not successful. At these times, you may want to contact one of these resources.

Talk to Your Supervisor
Talk to your supervisor, especially if you have been trying to work things out on your own. Your supervisor may be able to suggest other alternatives that you haven't considered. Many times supervisors have information that would be helpful to you. You and your supervisor may be able to develop a resolution together.

Contact the Office of Human Resources
Contact a Human Resources representative for assistance, especially if your supervisor seems to be a part of the problem. Human Resources representatives know how to approach a problem and can help develop strategies for talking to your supervisor or co-worker about a situation.



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